Everyone loves a good Christmas carol. The classic kind that you've known by heart since you were in kindergarten complete with hand motions and little red dots on your nose just like Rudolph. But that's not the kind of Christmas song we're going to talk about today. Because at UpDesk we're all about innovation. We're all about giving you new ideas to improve your productivity at work by using a height adjustable desk. And we're all about helping you find new ways to improve your overall health by experiencing just some of the benefits of a standing desk. We love the classics but we think new stuff is pretty amazing too. And let's be honest if we actually did list the ten best classic Christmas carols we'd probably miss at least a dozen of your favorites.

While we love classic Christmas carols just as much as the next person today we're standing up and stepping away from all the songs you already know and love. Here are our favorite new classics (or old classics sang in a new way) to get you and your coworkers in the festive spirit at the office. With everything from classic jazz to bubblegum pop to rap and even an inexplicable Bob Dylan track thrown in we've got the perfect non-traditional Christmas mix to add to your classic holiday playlist.

  1. 'Sister Winter' by Sufjan Stevens

  2. 'Christmas Time Is Here' by Vince Guaraldi Trio

  3. 'Little Saint Nick' by The Beach Boys

  4. 'Lo How a Rose E're Blooming' by Feist

  5. 'Christmas All Over Again' by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

  6. 'Last Christmas' by Wham!

  7. 'What Christmas Means to Me' by Stevie Wonder

  8. 'The Secret of Christmas' by Ella Fitzgerald

  9. 'It Must Be Santa' by Bob Dylan

  10. 'Christmas Rapping' by Kurtis Blow

There you have it. You've already set a new standard with your stand up desk. Now you have the ultimate non-classic Christmas playlist to get your coworkers in the festive spirit while also solidifying your spot as the resident office trendsetter. It's the perfect compliment to your holiday office party and if you're really looking to spice things up turn these up at your desk push back your office chair and get the party started with a Christmas dance party. Don't worry we've already got the dance moves for you.

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