Bland offices and uninspired desks were a staple in the past but thankfully many modern companies are placing added emphasis on aesthetics and creative office design. Today many businesses are shying away from the drab cubicles and fluorescent lighting of years past in favor of more visually appealing desirable offices. If your company is in the process of designing new office space or reinventing some old space here are some of the top ways to bolster creativity:

1. Add Natural Lighting

Research has shown that natural light has beneficial health effects and that it can boost creativity. Adding plants and flowers can also be a good way to incorporate nature into the office thereby boosting employees' spirits and motivation. Nobody can stay in a bad mood if there are bright cheery sunflowers on their desk.

2. Create Specific Zones

When you're planning office space try to think like an inner city urban planner. You should aim to create certain zones for both communication and work. For instance the kitchen and dining area should be the quintessential "watering hole" where employees can come to chat with their friends or share their to-die-for quiche recipe. You should also work to incorporate a culture of energy and enthusiasm outside the dining area. Make sure that employees feel comfortable talking and interacting with their coworkers.

3. Create a Silent Zone

It's important to cultivate community within your office but you also want to make sure that there's a quiet place for employees who need to hunker down and pound out some work. Consider delegating a certain area as a silent zone. Workers can go there to focus on projects without distractions dream up the next big project or solve that day's Sudoku puzzle.

4. Incorporate Ergonomic Solutions

What's one of the best ways to guarantee that employees will look forward to work each day? Make sure that their office space is inviting warm and ergonomic. Purchasing ergonomic desks is a great way to improve overall workplace well-being. Height adjustable desks allow workers to customize them to their exact level which makes it easier to finish work. Standing desks are also the perfect places to collaborate on projects or hold a meeting.

If you're in the market for a standing desk we would love to help. Contact us today with any questions that you may have. We can't wait to see how your new UpDesk fits into your office!

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