Let's face it - even the best jobs sometimes need a quick morale-boosting or energy-upping break. Even for those of us who already have a height adjustable desk (like the UpWrite or new SquaredUp) to help keep our energy up when that middle-of-the-day slump hits there's not much we can do except take a quick break and free our minds.

You may be pushing up against a deadline weary of pulling 10-hour days and running out of ideas. You may be losing motivation after sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen for hours. Whatever the reason here are a few easy and fun games to play when you need a little laughter and lightness around the office.

Binder Clip Tag

Not all games have to be loud... This game is all about being as quiet and sneaky as possible. See if you can clip a binder clip to an unsuspecting co-worker without them noticing. Extra points if you can do it someplace obvious (like their hair or the front of their shirt) and still not be detected. Once your hapless victim discovers they've been tagged they become the next person to tag someone else. If you really want to make things interesting set a wager that the last person to be clipped at the end of the day has to buy the first round of drinks.

Guess What's Gone

Pick one person in your office and surreptitiously start sneaking things off their stand up desk and onto your own. Enlist other co-workers to help but make sure everything begins piling up at one desk. Keep it small at first (staplers post-it notes notepads) and slowly escalate to bigger items like their monitor stand or desk chair - just make sure it's not something so vital that their work suffers. If they still haven't noticed by the end of the day go really big and steal their entire monitor to really get their attention and come looking for it only to find all of their stuff in a completely different place. The best part? Your co-worker may not say anything throughout the day but they will surely think they are slowly losing their mind as they keep losing things off their desk.

Invisible Line

Draw an invisible line across or around something in your office that has relatively high traffic. Put a line in front of the entrance to the elevator. Draw a barrier around the copy machine or water cooler. Block off the entrance into the conference room. (All invisibly of course) Once you and the other players have established the invisible line it's up to you to avoid stepping on it throughout the day. Duck under it lean across it or even try to jump over it without other people in the office noticing. The more people who join in this game the better.

Hot Lava

Remember when you were a kid on the playground pretending like the ground was hot lava that you couldn't touch? Well this office game is just like it... Except now you're an adult and have to at last act like a normal person at work. Luckily that makes this game all the more fun. Once you and your co-workers have designated the areas of hot lava get creative about ways to stay off it. You knows you may even find another use for that office chair you stopped using months ago when you got your standing desk.

Trash Toss

Probably the oldest and best loved office game the trusty trash toss or waste-basketball is a game you can play any time you're feeling a little bit antsy. To make things more interesting place your trash can in strategic places like on top of your standing desk or around the corner from where you throw from. You could even try sinking the "ball" from across the office.

There you have it! Try these fun and easy games on a boring day in the office or when you need a little break from all that hard work we just know you're doing. And let us know how they go over in the office in the comments section below. Or snap a picture and share with us via Instagram or Twitter. Your office game might even end up on one of our monthly social media round ups...

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