Eric Maisel author of the book "A Writer's Space: Make Room to Dream to Write to Work" noted "The writing life is defined by the succession of choices you make primary among them whether or not you will write. You honor your writing space by entering it with this mantra: 'I am ready to work.' You enter grow quiet and vanish into your writing." Many famous writers and artists have special writing locations or workstations that enable their creative juices to flow freely. Although writers and artists can easily move from one place to the next many prefer to have a designated place to write in: a safe haven of sorts.

For example Willem de Kooning a famous abstract artist did much of his work in a well-lit open spacious loft studio. The white ceilings floors and walls provided the perfect contrast for his imaginative paintings. The calming white studio was the perfect location for his artistic endeavors. We're not sure how he resisted the temptation to splatter some paint on the blank white walls but apparently the soothing white walls helped inspire his creativity.

Rudyard Kipling an English short story writer and poet preferred to be surrounded by his work. Kipling had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that were lined with countless books. He gathered inspiration by looking out the large windows in front of his desk. There's no consensus on why he loved the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves so much but our hunch is that seeing the finished books on the shelves inspired him to continue working on his own.

The desire for a soothing open space seems to be a common motif for artists and writers alike. Having a designated space can be a great asset for creative individuals. These spaces are often characterized by open spaces and natural lighting. Another popular staple in their studios and writing nooks: height adjustable desks. Ernest Hemingway famously wrote using a stand up desk. He noted "I prefer to do my work while standing." Other famous writers who used these desks include Thomas Jefferson Virginia Wolfe and Charles Dickens.

Revered for centuries standing desks are also popular among many modern artists and writers. Working at one of these ergonomic desks has been proven to increase focusefficiency and energy. If you're a budding artist or writer who wants to create the perfect creative nook you should consider investing in an UpDesk. Our height adjustable desks provide easy mobility and flexibility. Since you can adjust them to the perfect height you won't have to worry about a sore neck or back.

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