Standing desks have long been the envy of office workers everywhere. After all stand up desks enable users to burn calories improve workplace productivity and help companies save money. Their praises have been sung from South Korea to Australia to America and everywhere in between. Research has shown that these ergonomic desks promote better health and well-being for their users. UpDesk owners everywhere can rest assured that their height adjustable desks are encouraging a more healthy lifestyle.

UpDesks make the perfect addition to any office. They brighten up even the darkest of cubicles. They make people excited to go to work each day. They prove that coffee breaks and free lunches are never the best part of a job (although we admit those are pretty great too).

Their greatness begs the obvious question: when you own such a great--nay revolutionary--product why would you want to limit said product to one job only? The answer: you wouldn't. That's why we're proud to present the top three ways you can use your UpDesk at home:

  1. TV Stand

Do you always crane your neck when looking at the television? Do you struggle to find the perfect angle? If so use your height adjustable desk to easily place your TV in the perfect position. You'll never again have to worry about straining your neck. Whether you want to sit down and enjoy an episode of your latest show or perform exercises along with your onscreen personal trainer or yoga instructor you can easily do so thanks to the UpDesk's flexibility.

  1. Kitchen Counter

Is your home the size of a shoe? Do you need some extra space to prepare your meals? The UpDesk can easily serve as a makeshift kitchen counter. Its large smooth top makes it the ideal place to whip up a new recipe. The UpDesk provides the perfect temporary counter space.

  1. Bar

Do you have friends coming over for drinks? Do you need the perfect space to mix your drinks? If so the UpDesk is the obvious solution. It's also the perfect place for a potluck. If you're having a dessert bar baked potato bar or salad bar with friends you can easily place the food on your UpDesk.

As you can clearly see the UpDesk really is a jack of all trades. Whether you need to raise or lower your television add some extra counter space or create the perfect bar area you can easily do so with our incredibly versatile desks. Our stand up desks are the perfect addition to your office and your home. Contact us today with any questions and we can't wait to hear about the creative uses you find for your new UpDesk!

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