When you're stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get to work on time feeling frazzled from rushing through the morning routine it sounds pretty nice to work from a home office. After all no commute unlimited access to your refrigerator and pajamas all day every day sound really good. But there are actually a lot of perks to working in an office. Want to know why working in an office is awesome? Read on.

Social Interaction

Come Monday morning it's always fun to catch up with co-workers reminiscing about the weekend sharing stories and getting a few laughs in as the week kicks off. If you worked from home you could have a conversation with yourself and ... yourself. Pretty sure your office furniture or computer won't start talking back. Plus you can prank your colleagues or even brush up on a few jokes.

Free Stuff

Wireless and coffee: two very important things for the working adult ... and when you work in an office environment they're usually free. Unless you chug gallons of coffee before your morning commute you can save money on coffee and creamer--and sometimes co-workers even bring in a coffee cake or donuts. If you work from home you'll have to make yourself a coffee cake. Womp womp.

Office Furniture

Chances are if you work in an office your company provided office furniture for you. Maybe they even sprung for a standing desk for your office--or purchased an ergonomic keyboard or an alternative to your desk chair.

Separate Work and Home Life

One of the most consistent complaints I hear from my friends who work from home is this - work is at home. It's hard to find a distinction especially if you work from the couch dining room table or another place that you also live in. Working from an office whether it's at your stand up desk or in a cubicle helps provide balance letting you leave work at work.

Those are just a few reasons why working in an office can be really really great. Of course I love working from an office because I'm in the UpDesk environment meaning we work really hard and have some crazy fun. Plus we get to brighten clients' days with our top-of-the-line standing desks. What's not to like?

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