We've been talking about how to exercise at your standing desk a lot lately. Maybe it's because we just really want to help you get in shape for all the clothes that come with warm weather. Maybe it's because we just really want you to know how easy it is to incorporate exercise into your everyday life - especially when you have a stand up desk like an UpDesk. No matter the reason over the past few months we've given you tips on general exercises and yoga moves to try with a height adjustable desk and we've even suggested some handy exercise equipment to keep at your UpDesk for all those moments you get the urge for a quick workout. (We also gave you some pretty awesome dance moves for your desk but we'll let the intensity to which you practice said moves determine how much exercise you get out of those.)

In our latest installment of ways to get exercise while typing out that report at your SquaredUp or checking off that to-do list at your UpWrite check out these three easy Pilates moves to get you toned and ready for summer:

  1. Lift It Benefit: This is a great exercise to do at your desk if you want to work on your leg muscles - calves quads inner thighs hamstrings and glutes.How To: Stand with your feet parallel to your legs and your legs straight (but not locked). Tighten your abs and lengthen your spine by reaching your head toward the ceiling while your butt reaches toward the floor. Relax your shoulders and bend your knees so that your butt is above your heels and it looks like you might try to sit down. Gently lift your heels and press into the balls of your feet as you re-straighten your legs. Slowly lower your heels while keeping your back straight. Repeat this 3 times and then just for kicks reverse the whole process - lift your heels with straight legs stay on those heels while you bend your knees press your heels back into the floor and straighten your legs.
  2. Lunge It Benefit: Not only does this stretch strengthen your balancing skills and tone your inner and outer thighs it's a great stretch to open your hips and get that core engaged.How To: Similar to the move above you'll want to start with your feet and legs parallel to one another your abs tight and your back as long as possible. From this starting point bend your right knee and step your left foot straight back with your heel reaching for but not necessarily touching the floor. Make sure that your pelvis is squared forward that your chest is lifted and your back is straight. Return to a standing position and repeat the lunge with your left knee being bent and right leg reaching behind.
  3. Roll It Benefit: Talk about balance skills! This move will force you to engage every muscle in your core to maintain composure...but don't worry - with your height-adjustable desk nearby you can always reach out and steady yourself. How To: Just like moves one and two start with your legs and feet parallel abs tight and back straight. Without rounding your back or lifting your shoulders reach your arms in front of your chest with a slight curve and high elbows...kind of like you are hugging a large ball at the center of your chest. Push your right leg back and bend your left leg to a slight lunge while opening your arms to either side of your body. Now comes the fun part: Pick up your right leg (in the back) bend your knee point your toe and bring your ankle in to rest next to your left (standing) knee. But you're not done yet... While you're moving your legs slowly curve your upper body into a C-shape and return to the ball-hugging position. Make sure those abs are supporting every movement and lightly place one hand on your standing desk if necessary. This move is similar to many movements made by ballerinas so try your best to be graceful...or at least think graceful thoughts.

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