You've entered into the world of the standing desk. You have more energy even without drinking caffeine. You brainstorm better and work with others more creatively. You're even staying fit and keeping over 34 chronic illnesses at bay with your stand up desk. And we know that your height adjustable desk from UpDesk is only the beginning as you start incorporating even more healthy life habits into your life whether you're at your desk or away from the office. From drinking more water to walking throughout the day here's one more healthy (and delicious) lifestyle change you can incorporate into your everyday life: breakfast.

Pretty much everyone agrees - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gives you healthy calories to start your day and provides energy that will keep you going through those mid-afternoon slumps. According to WebMD not only does skipping breakfast result in less energy all day it also totally backfires if you're skipping breakfast in an effort to lose weight. You'll end up being hungrier and more tired throughout the day leading to more eating and more time spent in your office chair instead of standing like a champ at your standing desk. Here are a few great breakfast options to get your morning started right.

1. Yogurt - Yogurt especially Greek yogurt is the breakfast champion of the dairy world. With lots of benefits including improved digestive health lower blood pressure stronger bones and even improved weight management eating yogurt every morning is a sure way to get your day started right. And since it's so easy to pack and bring to work you can even eat it right at your stand up desk.

2. Oatmeal - With all those little heart symbols on oatmeal boxes these days it should be no surprise that oatmeal is a great breakfast food for taking care of your health. Not only does oatmeal reduce cholesterol and have a ton of fiber you can put almost anything in your oatmeal and have it taste delicious. Fruit nuts spices even a few chocolate chips here and there will make you cheer for breakfast - even if you have to do it while already sitting (or standing) at your desk.

3. Fruit - You can never have enough fruit. The easiest and best breakfast food for hard workers on the go pretty much any kind of fruit is great for starting your day. And with different fruits resulting in different benefits taking a few extra minutes at the grocery store to pick the best fruit for your morning is totally worth it. Grapefruit helps burn fat more quickly. Bananas will keep you feeling fuller longer. Watermelon will keep you hydrated and even prevent cancer. Basically just have some fruit by your height adjustable desk all day long.

4. Eggs - The incredible edible egg... Packed with protein and vitamin D eggs are a powerful way to kickstart your day. And if you tend to sleep in and have to run out the door (like me most mornings) try hard-boiling a bunch of eggs in the evening and just grabbing one as you leave for the day.

5. Berries - I know I already mentioned fruit once but berries need their own category because they're just so darn great for a healthy start to your morning. Considered a superfruit berries are high in antioxidants while staying low in calories making for a truly superlative breakfast choice. Strawberries are good for your heart raspberries fight off cancer and blueberries - the superfruit of ALL superfruits - improves everything from memory to blood pressure to motor skills to your metabolism. Plus berries taste good on pretty much every other breakfast food so go ahead and pile them on your yogurt oatmeal cereal or anything else...except maybe eggs.

These are only a few of the healthy breakfast foods you can grab on your way out the door to get your day started right. Whether you're stuck sitting at a desk chair and cubicle all day or work from a height adjustable desk like the UpWrite or PowerUp quick and healthy breakfast foods will keep you energized and productive all day.

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