Along with the summertime heat come lots of refreshing drinks you can cool off with in the air conditioning of your own office. Sometimes in the afternoon you need a little pick-me-up. So to fight off the almost irresistible urge of a nap here are some of our favorite refreshing summer drinks that you can sip while working at your standing desk.

Ginger Lemonade

You've heard the saying: if life hands you lemons make lemonade. We recommend taking it a step further and making ginger lemonade. Ginger with lemonade? Absolutely. The zing of fresh ginger complements the sweet-and-sour aspect of lemonade making it a summertime drink we just can't get enough of. Be sure to go easy on the ginger though. Too much of it and you'll be knocked right off of your feet turning your stand up desk into more of a laying-down desk. 

Cherry Limeade

You can't let lemons have all the fun. Introduce lime: lemon's green cousin. On a hot summer day when the sun is beating down outside nothing beats a cold cherry limeade. It's a mix of lemon-lime soda lime juice cherries and sugar that quenches thirst and will put a pep in your step. Trust us when this beverage is sitting on your desk all the other desks will be pretty jealous (and not just because your UpDesk looks so cool).

Blackberry Lime Slushies

Did you know you can make your own slushies at home? All you need is ice and a blender ... and a few other ingredients. By simply combining blackberry puree sugar lime zest and ginger ale you'll be on your way to cooling off at your desk with this delicious and fruit-filled afternoon treat.

Once the work day is complete and you no longer need to push out any more projects or fill out any more spreadsheets pry your friends away from their office desks and invite them over to your place. If you're of-age you can throw in some adult-themed additions and make those refreshing summer drinks something to celebrate during happy hour.

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