Corporate office spaces often get a bad rap. When most people think of working in an office they likely picture something akin to the beloved movie "Office Space" with its drab colors tiny cubicles and stapler-stealing co-workers.

It shouldn't be a surprise then that these stifling workspaces are starting to be replaced by more collaborative and creative working environments. Today employers are more willing to make an investment in the atmosphere of their office knowing that it will mean long-term benefits for their employees and their companies. Your boss may not expect you to be at work 24-hours-a-day but they do want your best to come through while you're at your desk. And employers are starting to realize that office vibe can be a major factor in how well employees perform...and last at a company.

Many of the most famous offices in the country have taken workspace environment to heart in the design of their offices....And some have even gone completely over the top! Tech giant Google has slides and even fire poles in many of its offices. While you may not be able to incorporate some of these awesome but expensive ideas into your office there are definitely some more simple (and more financially friendly) alternatives to update your office space.

Break Down the Walls.

Sitting alone at your desk staring blankly at a computer and having little interaction with your coworkers is really no way to work. Companies are starting to realize the benefits of having their employees spend more time together and collaborate more often. Conference rooms are being used more often and these spaces are moving away from the traditional boardroom table with bulky desk chairs. Couches TVs and communal tables are taking over traditional meeting rooms.

Stand Up.

When corporate offices first realized the importance of paying attention to the overall health of their employees one of the first steps they took was to include gym facilities or discounts for gym memberships in their health benefit planning. But if you really want to save money and increase the quality of life for your employees standing desks are the way to go. The health benefits are endless and range from weight loss better posture a stronger core and increased productivity and energy. Plus you can have a gym built right into your standing desk. With UpDesk's height adjustable desks you can sit stand or even have your treadmill underfoot while you work.

Give Employees More Options.

Many smaller companies are even letting their employees have more choice about how they work best. Letting individual staff members choose their office desk office chairs and even how the space will be set up is a great way to keep employees working hard and happy. Not everyone thrives in the same environment and employees will always be thankful that you've let them have a say in what their workspace is like. Many employees might begin opting for desks that give them the flexibility to sit or stand throughout the day. That's where UpDesk comes in!

If you're ready to put a spark in your office and help your employees feel more productive and energized visit for the very latest in adjustable desk options. And if you really want to liven things up around the office consider the orange UpDesk to create an even more dynamic work environment.

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