Ah working from home... Most people think it sounds ideal. Answering calls in your pajamas and catching The Price is Right in between emails. Sounds good to me but in reality it can be much more difficult to stay focused on your work when you're working from home.

Properly setting up your home office is the first step to make sure you use your time efficiently. Here are a few tips to get you up and running...and maybe even busting a move:

  • Get Some Space: Space can be limited at home. Your home office may also be a guest room playroom or kitchen. Using a standing desk can help you utilize a small amount of space. You can put filing cabinets a trash can and even a printer underneath your standing desk. An adjustable height desk will give you the space to fit all kinds of gear underneath your desk. With a standing desk you won't need an office chair giving you even more space to work with.
  • Set the Mood (Lighting): Just like in a traditional office you need to have plenty of light to keep you awake and focused. Try to set up your desk near a window or have plenty of overhead lights. Avoid desk lamps in order to save space on your desktop. Try a floor lamp with an adjustable neck so that you can shift the light where you need it most.
  • Create Boundaries: Treat your home office similar to how you would treat your time if you were going into an office each day. Be sure that others in your home know that you have work hours. Do your best to be strict about when you work and when you can take breaks. Boundaries will help you to be productive less distracted and will help your family understand and respect the importance of your work.
  • Get Dressed! Yes working in PJs sounds so cozy. But cozy is not how you need to feel when you're working. Getting dressed can actually make you more productive. Dress for success not a slumber party!

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