It's a common problem: you get more weighed down by mundane routines urgent deadlines and increasingly complex spreadsheets. And you get less inspired and less creative. It's a sad cycle that too many of us encounter in our everyday lives. And it's time to break the cycle... Here are six ideas from creative thinkers and career experts that will help you shake up your work routine and keep creativity alive and well in your life.

1. Keep a Schedule

It may seem counter-intuitive to advocate for more free-thinking by creating a structure but keeping a schedule is actually really important when it comes to giving you time and space to create. If you work from home you already have the flexibility to schedule your day to allow for rest exercise and creativity. And even if you're stuck at a desk for eight hours every day there's still lots of ways to break up your time into smaller chunks and manage your schedule. Block out specific times for specific tasks. Set an alarm to remind yourself to take a break. And build in time to give yourself space to think freely.

2. Change the Scenery

We like to call it workstation popcorn and all it means is that you strategically switch positions throughout your work day. Combine a varied work setup with your schedule (you've already created one after our advice in number one right?) and try working from a different location with each project. These consistent changes in scenery can help your mind focus on the task at hand and inevitably lead to the creation of space to help your mind stay fresh and ready for some creative brainstorming. Work from your desk work from the conference room heck try switching offices with a coworker for an hour or two. Even something as simple as an hour spent sitting and an hour spent standing at your height adjustable desk can make a big difference.

3. Go for a Walk

"Walking clears your brain and fills your soul and makes you quite happy." That's what artist and author Maira Kalman says and we agree with her. While the positive effects of walking on creativity have been well documented by researchers the positive correlation between tying up those sneakers and getting your creative mind flowing is kind of common sense. Anytime you step away from the monotony of your desk (even when it's an innovative stand up desk like the PowerUp) and away from your computer screen you're freeing up your mind to think about something new. And if you get your blood flowing and limbs moving with a walk all those endorphins will kickstart your creativity (and good mood) even more.

4. Write on Everything

The old adage is true - inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime. That's why you should probably get used to the idea of writing on anything you can get your hands on. Some of the best known authors wrote their greatest works on napkins ticket stubs and found pieces of paper. Some of the most successful companies started with an idea scribbled on the back of a receipt. Working on a multi-dimensional project? Write down single thoughts on sticky notes so you can rearrange them into a flow that fits. Brainstorming your next big idea? Get a huge sheet of paper and stick it to the wall so you can think like a kid and let your creativity flow. And most importantly - get an UpDesk UpWrite. The first ever whiteboard standing desk lets you get all your creative thinking out right on your desktop so when inspiration strikes you'll definitely be ready for it.

5. Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Sometimes the best way to jumpstart creativity is to try something new. After all just because you've always done it one way doesn't mean it's the best way. Put on your thinking cap and listen to your gut to create a project product or process that hasn't been tried before. Stand up kick away your office chair and follow that seemingly random hunch. It may just turn into your most successful idea...and even if it doesn't you can always adjust and adapt and make it better over time.

6. Stand Up

We have to say it because it's true: working from a stand up desk is a great way to stay creative. And it's not just about the immediate surge of energy that comes when you step away from the office chair and stretch your legs (and your brain). It's also about the long-term benefits of a standing desk that keep your body and your mind active and engaged so you're always ready for a bit of creative thinking.

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