Nowadays a lot of things seem to cause cancer. We're all well aware that smoking does it - and apparently so do cell phones and air pollutants and even in some cases red meat. Well at UpDesk we can't really help you become a vegetarian or throw away your phone. But there is one cancer-risk factor we can help with: Sitting.

According to a recent article in Time sitting can increase our risk of cancer by up to 66%. That's right - we are not just twice as likely to get cancer from sitting all day every day - we are 16 percent more than twice as likely to get cancer from sitting all day every day. The facts came from a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute which stated that "people who spend more hours of the day sitting have up to a 66% higher risk of developing certain types of cancer than those who aren't as sedentary."

The study states sedentary behavior is linked with a greater risk of colon endometrial and lung cancer. And when we add in all the television we watch the risk increases even more.

And just as you're thinking that it may be time to up your number of weekly gym visits - we've got one more piece of bad news for you. The point of the study isn't actually about encouraging people to be more physically active (but do go ahead and check about a million other studies if you want proof of that being a good idea). In fact the link between sitting and cancer seems to be high regardless of how much of a gym rat one may or may not be. It's not the hours (or lack thereof) logged at the gym that matter in this case. It's the hours logged on the couch.

Okay now that the clouds of doom are hovering firmly above your head let's talk good news. Because there's always good news. And it just so happens that UpDesk is in the business of good news. So if sitting is killing us what's going to keep us alive and kicking? Standing of course. And if there's one place we spend most of our time sitting where's that? At work sitting at a desk of course. And from there sound logic follows that a standing desk is the answer. Of course.

At UpDesk we've got lots of options to keep you standing and keep that cancer-causing sitting habit at bay. Try the UpWrite or UpWrite Midnight and keep your brain active while you jot notes and creative doodles right on the surface of your height adjustable desk. Or check out the new SquaredUp for a handy standing corner desk that fits in that fancy corner office you've earned. There's never been a better time to commit to the stand up desk and be the office trendsetter we know you can be. Get to standing and start a standing desk revolution in your office. Who knows-you may just save a few lives (including your own) in the process.

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