If you're a runner you know the sense of accomplishment that comes from logging miles in the early hours of the day before you head into the office (or your home office). You push your body and feel the burn as your body becomes stronger. Once you've showered and wolfed down breakfast you begin the day with one important thing checked off your list: working out.

However if you plop down into your office chair once you get to work be aware that each hour of sitting actually erases the positive benefits you get from running. In fact according to research by Mayo Clinic Proceedings and University of Texas Southwest Medical Center every single hour of sitting erases 8% of the health benefit from an hour of running. That means if you run for an hour and sit in your office for 10 80% of your workout's benefit has been lost--vanishing into thin air.

And if you choose to do another exercise besides running that's a little less vigorous (moderate-intensity exercise) 16% of that workout gain is lost with every hour of sitting. That's pretty disappointing isn't it? Thankfully with a stand up desk and the loss of your office chair you can fight against the negative effects of sitting.

The team from UT Southwestern encourages office workers to move throughout the day. Walk the stairs instead of hopping in the elevator. Take a stroll during your lunch break. Use meetings as an excuse to walk and talk essentially killing two birds with one stone. And here's our favorite piece of advice from the researchers: use a standing desk.

A height adjustable desk like the ones we provide at UpDesk can help you retain the fitness you achieved through your morning workout or run and help you avoid "sitting yourself to death." You can take a look at the workout gear we recommend you keep at your standing desk and even tone your arms while you're on that forever-long conference call. Instead of one workout a day you could even get two by staying active with help from your standing desk.

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