What words do you associate with the word "desk chairs?" Perhaps words such as IKEA comfortability ergonomic or computer desk come to mind. What about... Hospital bed? Doctor's office? Unfortunately extended sitting has been recently linked to a whopping 34 chronic diseases and conditions according to a recent analysis by endocrinologist James Levine co-director of Obesity Solutions at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and Arizona State University.

In an extremely informative article by USA Today Levine explains that most Americans sit between 10-14 hours a day. If that seems like an exaggerated amount think about it. You sit during your commute to work (unless it's a walkable or bikeable distance) and then sit in your office chair for the full work day. You commute back home and then sit while eating dinner. Later on you may settle into the couch to watch a TV show or catch up on sports. Or you may decide to read in bed before falling asleep and beginning the next day. When you look at it like that 10-14 hours all of a sudden seem very attainable.

"Sitting disease" has been linked to increased risks of many dangerous ailments including: Type 2 diabetes cognitive decline disability in people over 60 and death from cancer heart disease and stroke. As more research emerges it's clear that sitting is a growing epidemic.

Levine points out "If you take a brisk walk jog swim or do other physical activities for at least 30 minutes daily it's great for your health but not enough to offset being sedentary the rest of the day." He says "You still need to move for at least 10 minutes every hour." Or why not try a standing desk?

We're proud of the way the stand up desk is revolutionizing corporations home offices and the office environment in general. And with our vast selection of standing desks ranging in price color function shape and even whiteboard capabilities you can work throughout the day without the nagging feeling that you're contributing negatively to your health.

Using a standing desk may also make you more active. As Levine says "Get up. Once you get up you're more likely to move. Once you start being active you become more active."

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