Before we go anywhere let's be clear: running is awesome. It's a great way to get that cardio in a healthy habit for keeping in shape and people who can run marathons are uber-athletes in our book. But today we're here to talk about something a little different: walking.

Did you know that walking has even better long-term health benefits than running? Whether you opt for a treadmill desk use your height adjustable desk to keep you moving and walking throughout your day or just set an alarm reminding you to kick aside your office chair every hour and go for a quick stroll walking will boost your creativity productivity and your health.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why walking is the best:

1. Walk to lose weight.

Whether you already work out or try to avoid the gym like the plague walking is a great addition to any weight-loss plan. Even if you go for a quick 20-minute walk on your lunch break getting that short bit of cardio every day will do wonders for your waistline. And you can kick things up even more by practicing a few easy exercises at your UpDesk standing desk to get fit and stay in shape.

2. Walk to brainstorm better.

As soon as you take your first step walking will kickstart your brain and get you thinking more creatively. Not only does a change in scenery help change your perspective and open your mind to new ideas walking also helps your blood start flowing and your breathing get clearer - leading to an actual biological change in how you think. So get out there and start walking. And then when you get back to the office you can write down all your awesome ideas on your UpWrite UpDesk.

3. Walk to prevent cancer (and a bunch of other things)

Walking has been proven - over and over again - to reduce the risk of cancer and other major medical issues like heart disease high blood pressure and diabetes. Excessive sitting (sitting at your desk sitting in your car sitting sitting sitting) has been linked to 34 chronic conditions and now it's also been directly linked to at least three different types of cancer.

4. Walk to have better conversations.

Just like walking will help you brainstorm better it will also help you have more productive meetings. Believe it or not talking while you walk actually helps you think clearer communicate better and get more work done. Who says you need to be stuffed inside a conference room to have a successful meeting?

5. Walk to stand more.

When you walk you strengthen and tone almost every muscle in your lower body - everywhere from your legs to your back to your abs. So when you walk you're also setting yourself up to stand with stamina at work. Switching to a stand up desk can be a bit hard to get used to but if your muscles are already strong you'll be a standing desk champ in no time.

Get out there and get to stepping. You may not be a health nut but with your new walking habits and your awesome UpDesk standing desk you'll be the talk of the town...or at least the office.

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