Staying focused and energized during your work day doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. Of course one easy way to maintain energy is to work at a standing desk. Or even better an adjustable height desk like an UpDesk. Having the flexibility to sit or stand during a long work day is great for your body energy and focus.

Snacking is another way to keep up your energy during the day. Of course the wrong kind of snacking can make you feel sluggish and unproductive - getting on a sugar high and then crashing hard can really mess you up. But if you keep some healthy snacks on hand you won't be tempted to grab a sugary snack or drink on those days you may have forgotten to pack a snack from home.

  • Fruit: So obvious I know. Keeping fresh fruit nearby can satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you full and satisfied. Try something like bananas or apples. Keep a nut butter (peanut almond pecan - whatever strikes your fancy) on hand for an extra dose of protein.

  • Cheese: For those of us that crave salty snacks in the middle of the day a good cheese can really hit the spot. Keep multigrain crackers and cheeses like mozzarella or sharp cheddar in your fridge.

  • Trail Mix: You can make your own or buy some at your local grocery store. Just beware of mixes that are high in sugar but low in protein. Lean more towards mixes that have nuts and dried fruit and maybe just a touch of dark chocolate. Sweet and salty all in one; now that's the perfect snack.

These are easy and clean snacks that you can eat while working at your standing desk. If you need to take a breather grab that cozy desk chair and chow down. Eating small snacks and drinking plenty of water throughout your day will help you feel energized and focused and keep away that mid-afternoon drag that we've all experienced.

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