UpDesk customers are truly the best. They're pumped about their standing desk believe in the benefits of taking a stand at the office and they help spread the word about our company. One of our customers Bryan Caporicci wrote a recent blog post about lessons learned from studying other businesses. And the 'other businesses' he was talking about? UpDesk.

Caporicci is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Canada and he first discovered UpDesk through a review written by a stand up desk user. He sent a tweet--and UpDesk followers know we are all about tweeting back--fast. After that initial contact Caporicci ordered his new desk and it was shipped out the very same day. We're not bragging; it's just how we at UpDesk do our business. We believe that when customers want their new standing desk they don't want to wait days for someone to contact them and months for their desk to be delivered.

Bryan gave nine lessons learned from looking at how UpDesk handled his order and we want to share them with you.

1. Engage with your audience.

2. Be in the person-to-person business

3. When the time is right move the conversation to a more committed channel.

4. Give information knowledge and advice without expecting anything in return.

5. Have an internal communication policy.

6. Over-deliver.

7. Don't forget about your clients after the transaction is complete.

8. Deliver delight.

9. Remember the personal touch.

These are business lessons that any business from a self-employed photographer to a Fortune 500 company can learn from. It's not rocket science; it's just business done well. At UpDesk we want anyone using one of our desks to have an absolutely positive experience from the initial contact through the years of usage. In fact we want you to be so pumped about your experience that you want to blog about it.

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