With this blog I'm going to connect the dots between standing desks 1970s detective movies and weight gain at work. Sounds like some pretty difficult writing but when I'm standing at mySquaredUp standing desk I'm up for any challenge.

I'm currently standing at my desk and watching Dirty Harry while pretending to work. If you've ever seen Dirty Harry The Enforcer or any other 1970s detective movie involving Clint Eastwood you know that no good detective wants to be stuck with a desk job. When you're a detective you want to be where the action is. You don't want to be that portly slobbish detective who does all their work sitting at a computer desk in the personnel department.

As someone who has a desk job in the most literal sense possible I take offense to that stereotype. I've never been one to "toot my own horn" but I've got to tell you ol' Kamron is every bit as lean and fit as Detective Harry Callahan was in Dirty Harry. And I owe that to the fact that I spend more time standing at my office desk than I do sitting. But I know that not everyone is that fortunate. And that's where the topic of weight gain at work comes in.

I just ran across a blog about corporate wellness. It talked about how obesity is a problem that "continues to raise concerns in the workplace." Here's the stat that struck me: According to the the blog 42% of workers claim to have gained weight in their current job. And over half of those folks gained more than ten pounds! The study attributed workplace weight gain to stress and lack of exercise. Almost half of the people surveyed stated that after sitting at a computer desk all day at work they felt too tired to exercise.

I definitely understand the feeling. With so many people raising their standards and buying UpDesk standing desks at the end of my workday I feel like I've been chasing criminals in a 1970s detective movie! That's why it's absolutely criminal (ahem...) if you're stuck sitting at a traditional office desk. I stand up at my SquaredUp desk for about 5 hours a day. And not only does that help me to stay lean and mean (it's a saying... I'm not really mean) I find that I have more energy at the end of the day. And my focus is improved too.

So if you find that you've put on a few pounds at your desk job remember that this is one mystery that you don't have to connect a bunch of dots to solve. Get the hottest new piece of office furniture on the market an UpDesk standing desk. You'll burn more calories you'll feel more energized and you won't feel like you're stuck sitting at a desk in the personnel department.

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