At UpDesk we're always encouraged when we hear of industries latching on to our love for the standing desk. Most recently we heard about a 55-employee company that has 29% of their staff using a stand up desk. That company is the Flagler County Health Department in Daytona Beach Florida.

We've outlined (many times) the vast benefits individuals receive from standing versus sitting and the Flagler County Health Department senior clerk says there's at least one more benefit she's experienced while using a standing desk: better communication. By being eye-to-eye with patients instead of having them towering over her while typing away she's able to feel more connected to those she's assisting.

We also found something else interesting: the health department used the term "up desks" as a way to define all standing desks. Now that's pretty awesome. Not only are they head over heels in love with the standing computer desk they also are using the same terminology as us the UpDesk company.

While some companies balk at the thought of buying new office furniture administrator Patrick Johnson said that the benefits and employee satisfaction of a standing desk outweighs the cost. He said "It's worth every penny." Now that's the mark of someone smitten with the standing desk.

It's especially encouraging that the healthcare industry is rising up and approving standing desks because some of the major pluses of using a stand up desk are linked to your health. We give them a 'thumbs up' for showing care for their employees by allowing stand up desks in their office!

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