What would you say if we told you by using a standing desk you would reap the same health benefits as running ten marathons ... in one year? According to Dr. Mike Loosemore a leading sport medicine consultant standing up for three hours five days a week is as good for you as running ten 26.2 mile races a year.

That's right. You don't even need to don a race bib and load up on the energy gels in order to gain the benefits of running a marathon; all you need to do is get a stand up desk (it doesn't even need to be a treadmill desk) and stand. Says Loosemore "It's time to stand up for yourself. Literally." He added "There is now enormous evidence that simply standing makes huge differences to your health."

Loosemore concludes "For many of the population 30 minutes of moderate activity is deemed impractical or unobtainable so the idea that being more physical to improve long-term health is ignored or dismissed."

If changing up your home office furniture and switching out your sitting computer desk for a standing desk is a huge benefit to your health why don't more people do it? We ask the same question. After all there are immediate and long-term benefits to standing and using a standing desk.

Loosemore's study shows that the benefits of standing can be incredibly attainable. Standing up for three hours a day during the work week as long as you start out slowly can certainly be accomplished. Hopefully more of this positive research will continue coming out in support of stand up desks and will encourage others to start standing.

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