Have you ever thought about how to personalize your workspace? Adding your own style and flair to your space can turn a drab office or cubicle into a warm and inviting oasis. Creating a personal workspace that you love will make it easier for you to work efficiently and effectively. Here are a few things to consider when you're making a creative workspace:

1. Create a Colorful Space

Ditch the white walls of your office or the dull grayish color of your cubicle for something more energetic and eye-appealing. You probably can't paint your office but you can place some colorful photos on your desk invest in some beautiful wall hangings or buy a vibrant rug for the floor. Adding pops of color to your office will make it more appealing and visually stimulating. Spend some time thinking about the colors that inspire you and figure out how you can incorporate that into your office.

2. Add Some Visual Appeal

If you're looking for a simple way to add some extra appeal to your office buy a plant. Plants have been proven to reduce stress and improve air quality so buying one is a worthwhile investment. Plus they add some extra charm to your office. Place your plant on your height adjustable desk so you can enjoy it all day long. You might also want to invest in a small fountain a candle or a bowl of potpourri. Having items that stimulate your five senses will make it easier for you to stay focused and concentrate on your work.

3. Create a Space to Daydream

Even if you're in a small cubicle you should try to create a space where your imagination and creativity can run wild. In a larger office this might mean a white erase board that you can use to jot down ideas; in a small office it might mean keeping a chalkboard or notebook nearby so you can write down ideas and thoughts that come to you. If you want to doodle on your desk you should consider the UpWrite standing desk. This height adjustable desk has a dry erase top so you can write down any thoughts plans or illustrations that come to you throughout the day.

Cultivating your own sense of style and creativity can help foster creativity and imagination in the midst of long workdays. If you're interested in purchasing an UpWrite desk you should contact us today. Our friendly representatives will answer any questions that you have. Purchasing one of our unique standing desks will help you create an original workspace and help bolster your creativity.

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