Have you heard about the new Spooner Board from UpDesk? It's the perfect compliment to stay fit and keep your energy up while at work. Not only is it indestructable and in an awesome orange that would seamlessly match your Orange UpDesk the Spooner Board comes with a host of great advantages that you get from using a balance board at work. Here are just a few of the awesome benefits you'll reap when you switch out your office chair for the Spooner balance board at your stand up desk:

Better Stability - The more you use a balance board the more your equilibrium will increase and the more you'll be able to stand steady on two feet. And if you can learn how to keep your balance on a wobble board it stands to reason that you'll be able to keep your balance while standing still.

Better Coordination - Balance boards like the Spooner Board require every part of your body to work together to keep you from stumbling. As all your muscles - everything from your hamstrings to quads to core - learn to work as one your overall coordination will improve. And so will your reaction time - which means that you'll be able to recover from that stumble a bit quicker.

Better Concentration - Lots of researchers and generally smart people are realizing that balance boards have a great effect on your ability to concentrate and learn as well. If you're training your muscles to balance all day while working at your desk or making phone calls you'll be training one of the biggest muscles that you take for granted - your brain. The neuromuscular activity that occurs when you stand on a wobbling board helps train both halves of your brain (you know - the two hemispheres). So information learned while your entire brain is actively engaged by a balance board will be retained faster and for a longer period of time. Basically balance boards like the Spooner strengthen your body and your mind.

These are just three benefits of a wobble board but really the possibilities of how it could help make your life better are endless. Order your Spooner Board from UpDesk today!

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