Writing by hand has in some ways become a lost art in today's culture. Computers email and iPhones have negated the need for putting pen to paper. But at UpDesk we still think it's an unique way to express yourself. That's why we created the UpWrite our standing white desk that also acts as a whiteboard but doesn't have any of the negative attributes of regular whiteboards like ghosting or getting inked.

There are countless benefits to writing things down and we've compiled a few of them for you. You may be surprised at the benefits you're missing out on.

It's Better for Learning

Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways of learning is to rewrite your notes by hand. Writing things down helps build motor memory aides in retaining information and stimulates the Reticular Activating System which will help you learn. If you're trying to remember a work presentation or cramming for a test the UpWrite standing desk can help your brain process the valuable information.

It Helps Mind and Body

Expressing thoughts and emotions in writing has a direct link to improved mood and well-being as well as decreased stress blood pressure and depressive symptoms. Writing longhand makes your brain sharper because it acts as sort of a workout for your brain. If you're looking for a way to refresh your mind and body take a few minutes to use your UpWrite as a journal. You can easily erase your most private thoughts after you're done and feel rested and ready for anything.

It Makes You a Better Writer

If you're a writer occasionally switching out your computer for pen and paper can actually help you in your profession. It may seems surprising but a recent study found that elementary students who wrote their essays longhand wrote faster clearer and in more complete sentences than their classmates who typed on a computer. And with the dry/wet-erase function of the UpWrite standing desks you always have "paper"...

It Helps You Accomplish Your Goals

Whether it's New Year's Eve or not goals are always easy to make but tricky to accomplish. Did you know writing your goals down actually helps you accomplish them? At the beginning of the year--or any time you make a new goal for yourself whether it's working out at the gym or getting that promotion you should write it down. Writing goals down helps you clarify what you want motivates you to take action and helps you overcome obstacles that will undoubtedly come up. And since the UpWrite desk has the durable whiteboard surface that won't ghost like other boards your goals will stay put all year so you'll be reminded of them every time you walk over to your desk to work.

It Reduces Anxiety

Writing things down not only helps you remember everything from mundane items (don't forget to pick up that gallon of milk!) to the most important (don't forget your wedding anniversary!) ones. That can save you a lot of stress and anxiety in the long run; once the thoughts are out of your head and written down on paper (or your desk) you can relax and breathe a little more easily.

Those are just a few ways writing things down is beneficial--there are a plethora of other benefits to this way of life. An UpWrite computer desk can definitely make these benefits a reality--and coupled with the other positives of having a standing desk like boosted morale and higher productivity you will be unstoppable!

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