At UpDesk we know that you work hard at your height adjustable desk everyday. Whether you're taking notes on your UpWrite during a brainstorming meeting creating a mobile command unit with your SquaredUp corner desk or using your CrankUp as the height adjustable computer desk of your dreams you're always looking for the best way to work more efficiently and effectively.

In honor of all your hard work we wanted to reward you with a few laughs for your long day at work. And if there's one thing we love at UpDesk it's a good pun - actually it's the most cheesy pun you can find. You know the ones - your well-meaning dad always tells them at large gatherings and laughs hysterically at his own wittiness while everyone else him. Well here are some of our favorite career-related puns that your dad probably wrote and that we hope will get you chuckling at your stand up desk:

1. I lost my job as a psychic. I just did not see that coming.

2. Next I tried working in an orange juice factory but I couldn't concentrate so I got canned.

3. After that I wanted to be a barber but I just couldn't cut it.

4. I even tried studying to be a doctor but just didn't have the patients.

5. Finally I found a job at UpDesk - now I'm outstanding at what I do!

Just call us the cheesy dad of standing desk companies. With these silly work-related puns to share with your coworkers you won't just be the office trendsetter with your UpDesk standing desk you'll have the whole office laughing and enjoying the weekday even as you get lots of work done!

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