At UpDesk we make cutting edge computer desks. But we're not the kind of company that's all work and no play. Like many classic adages this one has merit. Having fun at work is an important (and healthy) part of increasing productivity and more and more successful corporations are jumping on the bandwagon. And as folks at companies like CNET and TechCrunch are finding out office furniture like standing desks can help with productivity too. That's what made me wonder...

What would happen if you combined standing desks and fun?

Technically those two things are already combined because standing desks have redefined fun. Anyway if you're like me the only thing that's more fun than a good office prank is a good office prank that involves a standing desk. Here are a few of my favorites.


This is a classic at the UpDesk offices and believe me it never gets old. Here's how it works: Your co-worker heads to the bathroom (or to the closet to grab some office supplies or whatever). You run to their desk raise their desktop and run back to your computer desk. They come back to their desk and find that it's raised. This one is especially easy to pull off with a PowerUp or SquaredUp because they feature twin-lift motors that can raise the desktop to its full height in less than 30 seconds. If your coworker gets back from the bathroom in less time than that you should call them out publicly because there's no way they washed their hands.


For this one you'll need a coworker who likes to write down sales figures on the surface of their UpWrite. Show up at work a few minutes before they do. Grab a dry-eraser and dry-erase marker and change the numbers. You can go for an obvious change (like changing $514 to $514000000000) or you can be subtle (like changing $514 to $541). Then sit back (or stand up) at your desk and watch the fun. The obvious change tends to get a more friendly reaction. The subtle change tends to get the person fired so we don't recommend that unless you're trying to get their UpWrite for yourself.

"The Proposal"

Have you been exchanging furtive looks with that cute girl in accounting or the hunk in human resources? Do they have an UpWrite? If so you're in luck (and so are they)! Wait until they're away from their desk grab a dry-erase marker and write a date proposal on their desktop. True love is about to blossom. You can also try this on a PowerUp or SquaredUp but make sure it's someone whose affection you are very confident in.

"The Switch"

This one works best if you're unlucky enough to have a traditional office desk (the kind that you can't raise and lower). Like the Write-Off you need to get into the office a few minutes before your coworker. Move their UpDesk to your office; then move your desk to their office. Switch out your computers and office supplies; then watch the fun when they show up to work and realize they're stuck with a boring old desk. Not only have you succeeded with an absolutely hilarious office prank but you've scored the desk of your dreams at least until you get caught and have to switch everything out again.

If you're feeling left out of the fun because you don't have a standing desk head over to and check out all the great options! You'll love being healthier and having more prank opportunities.

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