The Best Standing Desk for Your Home Office

Whether you’re looking for a better way to answer your emails and pay bills or you’re launching an empire out of your spare bedroom, if you’re looking to potentially improve your productivity and your health while at your desk, it’s time to look into using a standing desk. Nashville-based company UPDESK has just released one that may just be the best standing desk for your home office: the UPDESK Home.

Standing desks are beginning to grow in popularity because researchers around the world are sharing study after study that tell us that there are undeniable benefits to being able to move around while working instead of sitting in one, stationary position.

Here’s Why the UPDESK Home is the Best Standing Desk for a Home Office

It’s stylish -- This desk was designed to look amazing in your home. Its modern design is currently available in all black and the frame lifts and lowers out of a sturdy column at the base of each leg.

It’s affordable -- UPDESK is known for making desks with the highest quality components on the market and the UPDESK Home is the perfect intersection between affordable pricing and quality that matters.

It’s strong, quiet, and efficient -- With the ability to quietly lift over 175 pounds of weight, the UPDESK Home is a powerhouse. Using a single motor, the desk lifts from its lowest to highest setting in a matter of seconds. While UPDESK also makes more powerful, dual motor standing desk models, the single motor is ideal for the home user. This is because the mass majority of home users simply don’t need to lift heavy equipment as commonly used technology  -- iPads, laptops, phones, and more -- is purposefully created to be lightweight.

It’s easy to use -- The UPDESK Home features a simple to use 4-preset programmable controller with automatic drive capability. To change the height of the desk, simply press the up or down arrows. The display on the right hand side of the controller will light up to show the height of the desk in inches, ranging from 27.75 inches up to 45.25 inches.

Once you’ve found the right height for your standing desk, save it to any one of the 4-preset buttons. After that, with only the quick press of a single button, the desk will use the automatic drive feature to adjust the height of your electric standing desk while you focus on other, more important matters.

It’s easy to move around -- You’re probably not going to stay in your current space forever, right? Or perhaps you need to be able to move your desk around as inspiration hits you? With two integrated wheels, the UPDESK Home Electric Height Adjustable Desk is much easier for just one person to move around than a traditional desk.

More to Love about the UPDESK Home

Want to know a little bit more about the UPDESK Home? Here are a few more highlights:

  • Standard desktop size of 60” x 30” in a black, laminate finish
  • Free shipping to all lower 48 states
  • Infinite height adjustments
  • It’s easy to put together
  • UPDESK offers a range of accessories for your UPDESK Home that don’t require drilling so that you can personalize your desk to work perfectly for you

If you’re ready to take your home office to the next level, the UPDESK Home is ready and waiting for you. Get yours today at

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