Most people in today's work force are dependent on some sort of desk. Either it be at the office or while working from home. As recent studies show by limiting sedentary behaviors to less than 3 hours a day you could add about 2 years to life expectancy. To put it into layman's terms the more you sit the less you'll get... out of life.

Easier said than done right? Wrong. Utilizing options like the UpDesk can positively impact your life on several different levels such as: health productivity creativity and focus.

Health: Americans burn 140 fewer calories a day than they did 50 years ago. In retrospect more Americans had jobs that offered a better mixture of sitting and standing.

Productivity: Like it or not you're more alert when standing. This is why we don't sleep standing up...

Creativity: UpDesk oozes with creativity from its ergonomic design to the user-friendly controls. You'll be inspired the second you open the box. * (We do NOT guarantee instant inspiration.)

Focus: By standing more throughout the day you're forced to focus on the task at hand. Sitting actually encourages laziness. Here's proof: 1) Electrical activity in your legs shuts off. Fat-reducing enzymes drop by 90% and 2) Calorie burning slows to 1 calorie per minute.

I was asked the following question via Twitter last week "What's different between you and your competitor?" I promptly answered (in 140 characters or less) "UpDesk has an aesthetic quality & we offer a manual version (+ electric). Also it plays the violin:"

In a nutshell that tweet is what sets UpDesk apart from our competition. We have found that the "modern day office (or cubicle)" isn't modern at all. Time to break the mold and try an UpDesk. Join us in raising the standard... one desk at a time.

(Image by Michael Lokner)

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