Last week on the UpDesk blog we spent some time laying out all the amazing health benefits of a standing desk - everything from a decreased risk of obesity to an increased lifespan. That's right you can actually live longer when you work from a height adjustable desk for even just part of your day.

But the benefits of a stand up desk aren't just limited to your physical health. There are actually a host of psychological benefits that can come when you kick aside that office chair and opt to stand at your desk as well. Here are just a few of our favorite psychological benefits of a stand up desk.

  1. Mental Acuity - When you stand your body stays more engaged and active which means that your mind stays more engaged and active. Standing helps keep your blood circulating more efficiently so that fresh blood and oxygen are continuously pumping to your brain without being hindered by a sitting and stagnant body. That means your mind will stay sharp and focused helping you be moreproductiveand creative all day long.
  2. Focused Fidgeting - Okay this may seem weird but when you stand while you work and have the ability to fidget it can actuallyhelp your mind stay focused on major tasks. Fidgeting gives you a little mindless task to keep other parts of your brain occupied while the majority of your attention focuses on what it needs to. The great thing about using a height adjustable desk is that it makes fidgeting automatic and second-nature. While you stand you can shift your weight around stretch and stay limber or even have a littledance party to occupy the back of your mind and keep your conscious brain on track.
  3. Power Posture Practice - Picture what it looks like to sit at your desk slumped over in your office chair feeling lethargic. Now picture what it looks like to stand at your desk with your shoulders squared and your head high. Which image makes you feel more powerful? More confident? Standing of course. When you stand at your desk and begin feeling the positive effects of a more focused and alert mind your posture becomes more confident and YOU become more confident. So take a couple of minutes everyday to stand at your height adjustable desk and practice having confident and powerful posture. It may not seem like a big deal but as you build the habit we bet that you'll notice some awesome vibes flowing your way.
  4. Stay Away from Stress - Whether you're feeling the pressure of looming deadlines or general anxiety about the pressures of daily life a stand up desk can helpalleviate a good deal of the stressthat most people feel everyday. Everything from depression to cancer(what's more stressful than that?) can be positively affected by the simple act of working from a height adjustable desk.

Those are just four of our favorite psychological benefits of a stand up desk. Why not invest in your very own height adjustable desk from UpDesk today and find out what your favorite aspect is? Order your PowerUp (or SquaredUp or UpWrite - the possibilities really are endless) today and then come back and tell us what you love best!

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