You may not believe it but UpDesk hasn't been around forever. Sure UpDesk may be synonymous with the words "stand up desk" now but before we could help you become a standing desk trendsetter in your office we had to discover the brand you know and love. This is our story.

If you live in Nashville you probably know all about Joel Anderson and his well-known prints. Joel is the founder of Anderson Design Group and his Spirit of Nashville art is a staple in almost every boutique store and popular cafe in Nashville. Lucky for us Joel has also been a friend of UpDesk before we were even a company - when we were just a great idea. One day Joel heard we were talking about how to replace the sedentary life of a normal sitting desk with a height adjustable desk that would mean more energy better health and increased productivity in your working life. He got excited. We got excited. And a partnership was born.

After almost 40 logo concepts Joel and UpDesk created the image you see today. It may not seem like a color would be difficult to choose but finding our signature orange was one of the most discussed elements of the design process. We considered purple yellow and even lime before landing on the the orange that has become ubiquitous with the UpDesk brand - even down to our Orange UpDesk.

"We wanted the brand to be fun and a little bit unpredictable and that's what the orange color gives us." Says Bill Seaver who worked directly with Joel on the UpDesk branding. "It keeps us from being overly trendy and allows us to make a bold statement at the same time."

Then there was the tagline. After no less than 200 options we finally landed on "Raise Your Standard" in the most serendipitous of ways. Bill just happened to call David with the idea of "raise your standard" on the very same day David had written that exact phrase into his workbook.

So there you have it. From our quality desks to our assembly workshops and even to our logo and branding UpDesk is an innovative American-made company. If you're ready to trade your plain old desk and office chair for an ergonomic desk that will allow you to sit or stand with the touch of a button give us a call! We would love to partner with you to take stand for a new way of working in your office.

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