If you're lucky enough to use a standing desk - especially an UpDesk standing desk - you've probably already noticed a big increase in your energy and productivity levels at work. That's the vibe that we've put into our ultimate office desk playlist. It's a great mixture of tunes that will get you through your workday faster no matter if you're crunching numbers in Excel or you're crafting pixels in Photoshop. We've added notes about a few of our favorites so put down your office supplies grab your headphones sit back (or stand up) and get ready.

1. Don't Stand So Close to Me - The Police

This is a great tune to start off your day at your computer desk. Sting's lyrics remind us that it's important to have the right posture while you work. You don't want to stand too far away from the desk but you definitely don't want to stand too close.

2. Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette

As wonderful as Tammy's voice is we think her reasoning is a little flawed. As we discuss in our ebook it can be hard to leave someone who doesn't treat you well. But there's no reason to stand by a desk that you can't... well... stand at.

3. Stand - R.E.M.

No standing desk playlist is complete without this gem. When he sings "your feet are going to be on the ground your head is there to move you around" Michael Stipe points out one of the biggest benefits of a standing desk: Even when you're standing up at your computer desk your head can still be focused on your work.

4. When We Stand Together - Nickelback

Just checking to see if you're still reading. You didn't really think we'd have a Nickelback song on here did you?

5. Running to Stand Still - U2

It's a beautiful song with lyrics that seem pretty heavy and depressing... until you realize Bono is just talking about a woman who uses a treadmill at her standing desk.

6. Stand Back - Stevie Nicks

Nicks addresses the importance of workplace ergonomics in the second verse when she says "like a willow I can bend." Sure it's physically possible for you to stand up while working at a traditional desk. But you're going to be bent over uncomfortable and not very productive.

7. Sit Down. Stand Up. - Radiohead

Unless you're a creative type (the kind who has an UpDesk UpWrite) this artsy gem might sound a little weird on first listen. But you have to respect the way that they've juxtaposed art and technology by combining rock music and electronic music. It's kind of like how UpDesk has juxtaposed art and technology with the UpWrite the standing desk that allows you to draw or write with dry-erase markers.

8. Standing on the Corner - Dean Martin

Dino's lyrics sound a little risqué at first. Why is he "standing on the corner watching all the girls go by?" It's almost creepy until you realize that "girls" is a metaphor for "standing desks." Then the song starts to make more sense. Dean's just talking about hanging out in a corner of UpDesk's high tech production facility checking out all the great desks as they roll off of the assembly line.

Check out the rest of our playlist and let us know if you think we forgot anything. And if you're a little hesitant about switching to a standing desk we'd urge you to take some lyrical inspiration from "Stand" by R.E.M.:

"Listen to reason cause the season (of the standing desk) is calling."

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