Many companies offer end-of-the-year bonuses provide occasional free lunches or plan cool Christmas parties. But Oscar Insurance a New York startup is taking things to the next level by offering Amazon gift cards to employees who meet certain exercise requirements. Workers simply have to download an app get a wristband in the mail that easily calculates how many steps they take per day and earn money for reaching their goals. At the end of the month workers who have achieved their goals will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.

"We were fascinated with the U.S. Surgeon General's recommendation that if you walk around 10000 steps a day you will have a real impact on almost all the top killers in the U.S. like obesity diabetes and high blood pressure" says co-founder Mario Schlosser. "If you just get a bit more physically active you can avoid those conditions...or make them better." While many companies offer discounted YMCA memberships for fitness-conscious workers Oscar Insurance is one of the first companies to reward its employees for exercising.

Employees can take simple steps to incorporate more exercise into their day such as taking the stairs to their workstation instead of the elevators or by exercising during their lunch break instead of staying at their desk. At UpDesk we think it's great that companies are taking an active interest in their employee's health and well-being. After all that's what we strive to do by offering ergonomic desks that help protect against serious health risks. We even have a free app that shows how much you should be sitting or standing in a given day. Our height adjustable desks allow you to easily transition from sitting to standing desk mode so that you are operating at peak efficiency. Even if your company doesn't offer cash rewards for exercising you can still benefit by using one of our height adjustable desks.

If you have any questions about our desks be sure to contact us today. We're eager to help in any way so you can strive to usher in a healthy 2015!

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