By now you probably know that there are plenty of reasons to have a computer desk that you can work at while you're standing. You might have seen the article about how sitting is "the new smoking" or you might have seen the article claiming that every minute you spend sitting shaves years off of your life although we're pretty sure that one was intended to be satirical. So now that you know plenty of reasons for using a standing desk you just need some reasons to download the UpDesk app for your standing desk.

Wait... an app? For your desk?

Yes. The UpDesk app is free and it's the perfect companion to your PowerUp your SquaredUp your UpWrite or your CrankUp. The app has a brilliant scheduling tool that helps you choose what times of day you should stand at your computer desk and what times you should sit. You can make up a custom schedule or you can choose the number of hours you want to stand each day and let the app make the schedule for you. And the best part is that it keeps track of the number of calories you burn while you're standing. It's a pretty useful little piece of technology and it will even work with other office desks (although we can't guarantee the results). But if you still need to be convinced here are three more reasons to use the UpDesk app.

  1. Donuts

A Boston Creme-filled donut tastes delicious and has about 300 calories. Unfortunately that last part is also the reason that many people don't get to eat Boston Creme-filled donuts very often. But things are a little different for UpDesk app users because it just so happens that you can burn 300 calories while simply standing at your office desk for a few hours a day. Just think how much better each morning would be if you could enjoy a guilt-free donut when you got to work.

  1. Pizza

Whether you prefer New York-style Chicago-style or an authentic Italian-style pizza you probably agree that pizza is awesome. And so is the UpDesk app. Because with the app you can stand at your desk just enough (a couple hours ought to do it) to burn off the 298 calories in a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza.

  1. Cookie-Dough Ice-Cream

We all know that cookie-dough ice cream is off-the-charts when it comes to deliciousness. But a 1/2 cup serving has 270 calories. Not to worry! With (you guessed it) the UpDesk app you can know just how long you need to stand in order to burn off that delicious bowl of ice cream. But what happens if you're in the middle of eating that bowl of ice cream when your UpDesk app alerts you that it's time to stand up? Is it a recipe for disaster? Nope. Because the app has a convenient "snooze" feature that allows you to delay standing up (or sitting down) until you've finished what you're working on. Just don't put it off too long because you want to make sure to burn off those calories.

Now you know the benefits of the UpDesk app and the benefits of a standing desk. A winning combination if you ask us. And if you are in the group of people who have yet to take the standing desk plunge why wait? Contact us today with any questions you have about making the move from sitting to standing!

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