Now that you have an UpDesk standing desk (or standing corner desk with the new SquaredUp!) the world is your oyster. You're more mobile more energized and more productive. You're getting into shape with some handy exercises designed specially for your stand up desk and you're boosting your creativity like the office trendsetter we always knew you were meant to be.

Here are three simple exercises to get your arms ready for all those short sleeves and tank tops... And the best part? All of these can be done during a 2-minute break at your desk. (Keep in mind that all these exercises should be done with good posture while standing - make sure your back is straight with a natural curve at your lower back and your shoulders are square. Your chest should be out your chin should be up and your abs should be in. Now you're ready!)

1. Shoulder Tap - With correct posture keep your head upright so that your ears are aligned over your shoulders and your arms are straight by your sides. Keeping your arms straight lift both up so that they are parallel with the floor. Keeping your shoulders square and biceps tight bend your arms at the elbow and gently touch your shoulder blades with your fingertips. Repeat this exercise 10 times on both arms and then do 10 more reps on each single arm.

2. Slow Arm Raise - With a similar starting position to the Shoulder Tap begin with your shoulders square head upright and ears aligned over your shoulders. Raise both arms out to the side so they are parallel to the floor and hold steady for 10 seconds. Slowly lower your arms taking another full 10 seconds to bring them back to your sides. Slowly raise your arms back up using one more full count of 10. (Don't cheat... The slow and steady pace is what gives you a great exercise and you should start to feel slight fatigue in your shoulder muscles in no time) Repeat this exercise 10 times making sure to keep your alignment and posture in good form.

3. Half-Circle Arm Rotations - You probably remember arm circles from your days in junior high gym class but there's a reason they're so tried and true - they work. And with this slight variation that will keep your biceps and shoulders even more engaged this exercise is even more active and deep-working in your muscles. Stick with the same starting position as the exercises above with good posture shoulders squared and arms parallel to the floor. With your palms facing forward cup both hands like you're holding a tennis ball and rotate your whole arm forward so that your cupped hands go from facing forward to facing backward. Rotate back to your original position keeping your elbows locked to keep your muscles as engaged as possible. Repeat this motion 20 times as quickly as possible.

With these quick and easy arm exercises that you can do while still standing at your UpDesk work or computer desk you'll be ready to show off those toned biceps and triceps in no time. And the first step in flexing those arm muscles? Pick up the phone and call UpDesk about getting one of the very best height adjustable desks today! 

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