Did you know that sitting at a desk all day can be as dangerous as smoking? And did you know that sitting at your workstation for too long actually cancels the health benefits of exercising? Well it turns out that there's another serious danger that stems from sitting too frequently.

New research published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health discovered that prolonged sitting puts people over 60 at risk for diabetes. Because elderly adults in this age group spend about two-thirds of their days sitting down they are at increased risk for health issues. According to an article in TIME magazine researchers found that disabilities are more common among sedentary people. For every hour spent sedentary people aged 60 and older had a 50% greater chance of being disabled. But this wasn't the only health risk associated with sitting frequently.

Researchers also found that elderly individuals who spent a majority of their time sitting down had a greater chance of being overweight. In addition they had a 54% greater chance of dying from a heart attack. As if those issues aren't serious enough researchers also found they were more likely to develop chronic diseases experience poorer mental health and even die sooner. A 2011 study found that every hour of TV people watched after age 25 was linked to a deduction of 22 minutes from their life expectancy.

Elderly individuals can reduce these health risks through moderate activity and exercise. Researchers recommend standing for at least 10 minutes every hour. If you are watching TV they recommend standing up during commercial breaks. If you are over 60 but still working in an office you should consider buying a height adjustable desk. There are many health benefits that stem from owning a stand up desk. You might also want to buy an office chair. Do you have questions about our standing desks? If so contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect desk.

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