Did you know that sitting for extended periods of time can destroy the benefits you receive from exercising consistently? According to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine the health benefits that result from exercising can be stunted if you spend the majority of your day sitting. Dr. David Alter a heart expert from the University of Toronto and senior scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute found that sitting too much led to higher rates of hospitalization heart disease cancer and early death. The more time people spent engaged in sedentary endeavors like sitting or working at a desk the more likely they were to be at risk for multiple health issues. These rates were average among people who exercised regularly and people who did not.

"What struck me...was that the deleterious effects of sitting time were almost uniform across the board of total mortality heart disease mortality the occurrence of heart disease the occurrence of cancer and the mortality from cancer" Dr. Alter stated. He believes that the metabolic effects of sitting are cancelling out any health benefits that might stem from exercise. Although he contends that exercise is important he notes that the way individuals spend the rest of their day is equally important. Dr. Alter stated that the unhealthy effects of sitting can be reduced by 15% with consistent exercise but they can't be completely eradicated. Exercise is important but exercise alone is not enough.

The only solution he believes is to have people sit less. For starters Dr. Alter recommends mapping out how much time you actually spend sitting in a given day. Studies have shown that standing burns far more calories. One way to curtail the negative effects of sitting is to invest in a standing desk. (And thankfully we have plenty of great options to choose from at UpDesk) Having a height adjustable desk is the perfect way to make sure you aren't spending too much time sitting down each day. From improving your focus to increasing your productivity there are countless benefits of a standing desk. If you want to add a stand up desk to your workstation be sure to contact us today. We're happy to help you find the perfect desk (or chair!)

"Little things add up to a lot" Dr. Alter notes. So don't delay... Contact us today to find out how you can purchase your very own height adjustable desk!

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