According to a recent study by the Telework Research Network one in five Americans work from home. More and more Americans dream of ditching their cubicles in order to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. If you dream of having your own business one day there are a few tools that you should consider investing in. Here are some of the top tools for entrepreneurs interested in creating their own startup:

Olark. This is the perfect platform for live chat and customer service. Olark has a simple setup structure an easy-to-use dashboard and a freemium pricing model. Olark enables entrepreneurs to boost their sales resolve issues and assist customers--all from the comfort of their desk or office chair.

Zenpayroll. Since startup companies don't usually have enough cash to employ a full-time accountant they have to find a suitable substitute. Zenpayroll is the go-to service for individuals who want to comply with government requirements and meet payroll deadlines in a timely fashion. Zenpayroll is user-friendly and highly responsive. It's easy-to-use format makes it easily accessible for everyone even those who aren't accounting experts.

Dropbox. This is the ideal medium for document storage. Dropbox makes it easy for businesses and individuals to securely store and save documents on the web.

Squarespace. If you want to start your own website and blog there are a host of options to choose from. However Squarespace is the creme de la creme for anyone interested in easily making a website and updating their blog. There are plenty of pre-made designs to choose from so you won't have to worry about designing the site on your own.

UpDesk. Entrepreneurs everywhere will benefit from having a standing desk. Our height adjustable desks make it easy for individuals to switch between sitting and standing modes. But don't just take our word for it. In an insightful and timely blog post Matt Tant CEO of Relode writes "I can't say enough about UpDesk and their level of customer service and support! I am so grateful to have a powered standing desk that I get to work at each day."

Interested in learning more about our stand up desks? Contact us today. We are eager to help you find a desk that is perfect for you. And we'll even help you find a chair that is perfect for your UpDesk. Entrepreneurs everywhere will benefit from our easy-to-use highly customizable standing desks.

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