Sitting for long periods of time in your office chair on your couch or at your kitchen table can lend to some pretty tight glutes hips and legs. While much of your tightness can be resolved by using a standing desk and that's the fix-all we absolutely recommend sometimes you have to sit. After all you don't want to be the one person in the movie theater standing to the side munching their popcorn right?

I love these exercises that Art of Manliness rounded up; they help your body limber up after being in a sitting position for a while. And to be honest some of them are pretty hilarious. I'm going to highlight a few of the best stretches and exercises--and then be sure to head over and look at the illustrations and images if you need a good laugh.

Leg Swings

Dynamic stretching is a safe way to warm and loosen up your body before a workout or after a sitting session at your desk. Your hips hamstrings and glutes will thank you. And because it's dynamic you don't run the risk of pulling a muscle or injuring yourself if your body isn't warmed up. Here's how you do leg swings: hold onto something (your standing desk perhaps) for balance Swing your leg as high as you can back and forth for approximately 30 seconds. Switch and swing the other leg. It's also helpful to add side-to-side swings in too.

Grok Squat

As the Art of Manliness points out this stretch will take some practice--unless you're an avid yoga practicer. Think of a baseball catcher waiting for the pitcher to throw. Sink down with your heels apart and on the ground back straight and body centered until your butt hits your ankles. Don't feel bad if you can't get it right away but you'll be amazed at how much looser you feel after this stretch.


Okay so this is where you may feel a little silly. If there are co-workers at desks surrounding you you may want to find a quiet place to do this stretch ... or invite them to join you. You're essentially lying on your side with legs bent 45 degrees and then opening up your legs like a clam. With your feet together raise your upper knee as high as it will go without letting your other leg come off the ground. If you're confused check out the helpful and laugh-out-loud image.

If you follow these stretches and exercises as well as the others recommended on the site you should be able to help your body recuperate from the negative effects desk chairs give. Be sure to also check out our posts on yoga and pilates at your standing desk!

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