UpDesk 2012: A Half-Year In Review

As you may or may not know the UpDesk line was launched in July 2012. That means we've only been around for six months. However don't let the new brand and logo fool you... our parent company has over forty years of experience within ergonomic furniture design and fulfillment.

To give you a quick overview UpDesk was originally created to connect and serve the end consumer without going through a middleman. That way we're able to keep our prices reasonable and pay close attention to customer feedback.

2012 was an exciting half-year for UpDesk and we'd like to reflect on some of its highlights:


We've had the opportunity to connect with some amazing people and companies. Some of which have provided us with UpDesk product reviews and features:

Office Snapshots - Featured UpDesk as one of the "7 Height-Adjustable Standing Desks That Won't Murder You"

TechCrunch - Provided a product review/video and featured UpDesk in their "2012 Holiday Gift Guide"

Colin McEnroe Show (NPR Radio) - Featured UpDesk in "The Perils of Inactivity" interview. Other guests included Dr. James Levine Magda Stayton Christopher Bergland and Dr. John Grohol.

Film Riot - Featured UpDesk in one of their episodes called "How To Fall To Your Death And Not Die! (Plus: Ryan's New Standing Desk)"

Ben Parr - Provided a product review of UpDesk and transition into a standing desk "My Experience Switching To A Standing Desk"

Keep an eye out for more product reviews and features in 2013!


Naturally we want to brag a little in this area because we feel we've earned it. Our social media feedback has been incredible! Thousands of people have "Followed" and "Liked" us and are willing to stay up-to-date with our brand.

While social media numbers don't mean everything it's a social stamp of approval that's encouraging to us. Daily conversation about standing desks helpful tips and customer referrals are off the charts.

Be sure to join the conversation and get connected with us if you haven't already: FacebookTwitter YouTube Google+ and Instagram.


In December the UpDesk team made a trip out to Las Vegas for The National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition (ErgoExpo).

It was great to be able to mingle with other companies within our industry as well as making valuable connections with the people who came to the show.

Additionally we received outstanding feedback on our products and price point which made it all the sweeter.

See below for our booth set-up we received a lot of inquiries and compliments on it:



We understand there are several people out there who don't fully understand the benefits of using a standing desk or who are not sure how to smoothly transition into one.

That's why we created and launched an eBook specifically for those people. It's called "The Complete Guide To Breaking Up With Your Desk." We strongly believe it can be a helpful tool and give one confidence to present the concept to others.

Our eBook is absolutely FREE and available for download on our website. Please feel free to share with your friends! After all... we're trying to spread the word about the standing revolution.

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