Have you heard about UpDesk's special edition standing desk designed especially for the team over at GeekBeat.TV? It's totally tricked out with everything that the GeekBeat crew needed to thrive at work...and pretty much everything they wanted too. Not only are they experiencing all the benefits of a stand up desk - from increased productivity to better focus- they're getting the VIP treatment with a brand new desk that will help them kick aside the office chair for good. But they're not the only VIP's around here...

This special edition height adjustable desk may have been designed with GeekBeat.TV in mind but we think you deserve a little special treatment too. So while the one-of-a-kind stand up desk may be outfitting all the offices at the GeekHouse it's just as ready for your office as well. When we teamed up the real winner was YOU. Here are some of our favorite features of the new GeekBeat edition standing desk and how it can make your life easier and solidify your spot as the office trendsetter.

Spill-Proof Cup Holders

One of the best ways to stay focused at work and healthy in life is to stay hydrated (nope coffee doesn't count). So when the GeekBeat crew requested not one but two cup holders built into their stand up desk we were more than happy to comply. Now that you've got a cup holder on either side of your desk you can keep all those drinks to keep you energizedjust an arm's length away and never worry about them spilling all over your desk. And since you've got two you don't even have to use both for drinks. Use one to store your favorite mid-afternoon snack or to hold your phone so you don't lose it under a pile of papers. Heck if you've got the UpWrite GeekBeat edition you can even use one as a handy whiteboard marker holder.

Cable Management Made Easy

Grommet holes are the one time it's okay to poke a hole in something. Designed especially to make cable management a breeze just run all your electronic wires through one of the 2.5" holes on either side of your desk. You'll be amazed at how quickly the clutter disappears when there aren't cables running rampant all over the top of your desk. And as an even better bonus we've also designed the Amazing Power Grommet which can drop right into your grommet hole and adds one extra charging port and four extra USB-ports right on your desktop.

The Trustworthy Standing Desk You Know and Love

With a bunch of new bells and whistles added to the exclusive new line of GeekBeat stand up desks there's one last thing you should know as a VIP member of the UpDesk club: these are still the same UpDesk's you know and love. The GeekBeat height adjustable desk still goes up and down with the touch of a button and in a matter of seconds. It still has the capacity to hold 300 pounds on top and give clearance to a treadmill down below. It still gives you all the benefits of a stand up desk...including always being ready for a dance party.

We've changed things up for the special edition GeekBeat desk but we've kept everything you know and love because we know at the end of the day the real VIP is you our faithful customers. And we won't ever stop being loyal to you!

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