We believe in the power of UpDesk. And other people do too. The Hall Blog recently featured UpDesk's UpWrite as one of the top five standing desks that will help users stay healthy and productive. Why is the UpWrite our beautiful white desk with a whiteboard top so incredible? Let me remind you.

1. It works with both wet and dry erase markers. If you use wet erase markers you don't need to worry about smudging your important notes or diagrams with your sleeve or arm. Plus it's the only whiteboard standing desk that we know of.

2. Just like many of our other standing desk options the height can be adjusted with the touch of a button. All you need to do is hit a button and your desk will smoothly move up or down according to your preference.

3. It has a 20-minute out-of-the-box setup. That's pretty amazing especially considering that any type of office furniture requires a long period of assembly confusing directions and lots of frustration. But not with our UpWrite. 20 minutes and bam--you're ready to stand. (Plus we have a pretty fantastic order-to-delivery time).

Not only did the Hall Blog point out our UpWrite desk as one of the best standing desks they also reinforced a few reasons why a stand up desk is so important for health and productivity and for counteracting the sitting epidemic. I want to remind you why a standing office desk can be so good for your health and I'll use some of the examples the Hall Blog gave.

1. A study which tracked the health of 123000 Americans concluded that men who sat six or more hours per day had a higher death rate than men who sat for three hours or less. Pretty serious stuff.

2. The blog also pointed out another study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise that we think is reason enough to get off your seat (literally). The study reported that the men who sat more than 23 hours a week had a 64% greater chance of dying from heart disease than men who sat for 11 hours a week or less.

3. Plus other negative effects of sitting for long periods of time include an over-productive pancreas colon cancer foggy brain strained neck sore shoulders and back and so many other factors.

These factors plus so many more are the main reason we want to reinvent the working world for the millions of people who sit at a desk every single day. It's not that we're out to make lots of money or boost our egos; sitting has truly becoming a dangerous epidemic and we at UpDesk want to combat it. Contact us for more information on our standing desks and join the revolution!

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