You're ready. You're sick of sitting. You're tired maybe you've put on a few extra pounds or your back just can't take it anymore. You want to stand while you work.

You've been dreaming tweeting and pinning about how great your new home office space will look once you get this new ergonomic desk. And you've already chosen which UpDesk you want. An automatic height-adjustable desk; UpWrite writing desk; or maybe the orange PowerUp.

But let's face it it can be quite an investment for most people to move from a sitting desk to a standing desk. Will this dream ever really become a reality? Well we've just made it much easier for you to afford an UpDesk.

We're now offering a Bill Me Later option through PayPal. You will see this feature at checkout and getting your Bill Me Later account will be a breeze.

Here is a little bit of information on how this works:

When you are ready to check out (which won't take long because you know exactly which desk you are ordering) you choose the Bill Me Later through PayPal option. Next you answer 2 short questions agree to PayPal's terms and conditions (which are available for you to read through) and within seconds PayPal will let you know their decision on your approval. Some people will even be approved to pay over 6 months with no interest! You now have time to pay off your UpDesk. And you get to enjoy it almost immediately since our shipping time is only 2 short weeks.

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