When GeekBeat one of the world's most influential geek-lifestyle brands reached out to outfit their entire office with UpDesk we were pumped. We agreed to this exciting opportunity (because really at UpDesk we're all a bunch of geeks). Then we decided to take the partnership to a whole new level.

You see our friends at GeekBeat love our product. They've reviewed our desks in the past. And their audience is very interested in the standing desk options we have to offer. Because of that we decided to create a custom GeekBeat/UpDesk version of our stand up desk.

Here's what the desk will entail: it will be available in the UpWrite writable version as well as standard PowerUp tops on our website. There will be a few grommet holes for cabling two cup holders and even two power grommets (enabling several device plug-ins) in each corner. Then the icing on the cake is the GeekBeat logo right on the desktop!

Although the product hasn't been finalized yet it will be available for purchase to anyone (geeks and non-geeks...) very soon on our website. We'll be the first to let you know when it's up and running.

At UpDesk we're proud to offer many options of our highly touted and top-of-the-line adjustable height desk. Partnerships like the one we've established with GeekBeat is what we're all about: educating individuals and workplaces on the importance of standing desks and seeing others stand up for the cause kicking one desk chair at a time.

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