It's hard to believe yet another year is coming to a close and a fresh new one is on the horizon. I've already caught myself daydreaming about the possibilities of 2014.

Over the past year we've launched new products received solid reviews and debuted an artist video series. Oh... And did I mention singer/songwriter Mat Kearney is a proud owner of an UpDesk? Check out this photo for proof.

While I'm excited for the future it's sad to see 2013 go as it was a great year for UpDesk:


We launched our "Series II" PowerUp back in July after listening to our customer's wants and needs. Additionally we created the world's first height-adjustable standing desk with a whiteboard desktop called the UpWrite.

To learn more about our vision in creating the UpWrite and the differences between the "Series I" and "Series II" PowerUps be sure to read this blog post.


It's one thing to claim your products are great but we've continued to receive a "stamp of approval" from several influential people and companies. Below are just a few examples of the coverage.

LifeHacker - "UpDesk PowerUp Review: The Best Standing Desk Solution Comes At A Price"

GeekBeatTV - Provided a product review video of our "Series I" PowerUp

ZDNet - Denise Amrich named UpDesk her favorite ergonomic standing desk

TWiT - Leo Laporte said "I love it and I can not recommend it more highly!" when UpDesk was featured on an "Before You Buy" episode

TechHive - "Review: UpDesk PowerUp is a height-adjustable desk with more ups than downs"

Apartment Therapy - Gregory Han recommended the UpDesk UpWrite after using it for a month

Dwell - Listed the UpDesk UpWrite as their 'Product of the Day' in August

TekZilla - "Is Your Chair Killing You? Why You Might Need A Standing Desk"

TechCrunch - Jordan Crook and John Biggs gave the UpDesk UpWrite a 'Fly' in their "Fly or Die" video series

Nashville Business Journal - "UpDesk Wants To Start A Standing Revolution In Nashville Offices"


The UpDesk manufacturing facility is located in Nashville Tennessee. You don't have to visit Nashville to understand the amount of creatives we now have living in the area.

It's not just known as the "Music City" anymore as we have a wide variety of talented people from all walks of life. From celebrity photographers and artists to world-known designers we've got a little bit of everything.

We wanted to take advantage of all these local creative people and see how they would interact with our UpWrite desk. So we created the UpDesk Artist Series and already have three awesome episodes under our belt. Be on the lookout for more videos very soon!


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