UpDesk UpWrite Calendar Hack

There are hundreds of ways to keep track of your schedule each week. Whether it's tangible or intangible. For example there are several smart phone apps built-in email calendars planners from a store and even the printed [insert favorite animal here] calendar.

The point is... most of us like to have some sort of system in maintaining our hectic lifestyle. If you're a proud owner of our new UpWrite desk there's a particular desktop hack you might appreciate using on a daily basis (like I have)!

The idea was sparked while visiting our friends over at This Week in Tech (TWiT) a few weeks ago. Shannon Morse who is the producer of Buy You Buy instantly fell in love with our UpWrite desk and pointed out many ways she would use it. Don't believe me? Watch the video.

One of Shannon's discoveries was the opportunity to have a drawn-on calendar where you could insert your daily activities and simply erase them at the end of the month. The trick is in using both wet and dry erase markers which work beautifully on the UpWrite's desktop.

Here are the steps I took for creating my own desktop calendar:

1) Find a ruler (or something with a straight edge) and make some lines for a calendar grid using a wet erase marker. I have my grid off to the left hand side of my keyboard each box a little over two inches in diameter. Typically a calendar grid has seven columns (up and down) and five rows (side to side).

2) Write the days of the week in a wet erase marker above the calendar grid. Remember anything written in a wet erase marker will stay permanent on the desktop until the use of water.

3) Next write in the calendar dates and daily notes with a dry erase marker. You'll then be able to erase all of the dates/notes at the end of the month leaving the calendar grid and days of the week.

*You can see an example of my desktop calendar from the above photo.*

There you have it! Impress your friends by having an analog calendar within a digital world. Be creative. Stand out from the crowd. And always raise your standard.

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