We know you love the UpWrite stand up desk but did you know that lots of other people do too? Our most popular standing desk was recently named one of the five best standing desks by the prominent weblog Lifehacker. It's a pretty big deal.

If you didn't know already Lifehacker is one of the best resources online for helpful tips and downloads for getting things done. The site is as handy as a pocket in a shirt...just like UpDesk. According to Lifehacker readers and voters the UpWrite became so popular because it's one of the few height adjustable desks that can change heights in about 30 seconds and has an easy out-of-the-box setup. Not to mention that it's the world's first sit to stand desk with a writeable surface for easy note-taking and to-do remembering. But don't just take our word for it.

Here are a few reviews from Lifehacker's nomination form:

"I love my UpDesk. It is amazing. I feel great and more energized by not sitting all day. Being able to stand and move around as I am working is wonderful. It's affordable healthier and just an all around great experience. Thanks UpDesk."

"The great customer service ease of ordering and quick turn around time is a major plus!! Installation was easy. I am extremely pleased with the desk. I have dual monitors phone calculator and many other random things on my desk. Still no scratches on the top and plenty of room to add more random things. I love the option of standing throughout the day so the preset control switch is great...After looking at other standing desks I'm so glad I went with this desk!"

"The UpWrite is probably one of the first standing desks I'd consider if I were looking to buy a fully motorized standing model...It also supports up to 300 pounds is flexible with a quick-moving motor some cable management features and perhaps its biggest claim to fame a whiteboard desk surface that you can write on and erase at will."

Well isn't that flattering. We like to think that we have some pretty awesome customer service but it sure is nice to hear you say it as well! And anytime we can help you get more energy and live a healthier life just by standing at your desk instead of sitting... Well we think that's pretty great. So you keep on keepin' on. And keep on telling us (and the rest of the world) how much you love your UpDesk!

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