Once Friday hits most people steer clear of their desks--because their desk is at work and they're not going near that building until Monday. But for those who work from home it's not so easy to get away from your desk. And that could be a good thing. Stand up desk users who work from home have an advantage: they can use their standing desk for entertainment. Confused? Let me explain.


Deal the Cards

If your friends come over on a Saturday night for an evening of relaxation fun and cards why not play standing up? After the work week it can be really nice to stand up and stretch your legs rather than slouch on a couch for hours and you can use this playlist to keep you standing and energized. So grab the cards drinks and your friends pull your UpDesk into the middle of the room and deal the cards. Plus since you're standing you don't have to feel guilty about all the hot wings you just devoured.

Press Play

So you got a new flatscreen TV but you don't want to splurge on an entertainment center. If you have an UpDesk you can use your prized piece of office furniture for a TV stand--at least during the weekend. Simply lower your desk down to the lowest height load your movie and press play. All you need now is the popcorn.

Pass the Peas Please

Throwing a dinner party can be a lot of fun but sometimes your dining room table isn't big enough to hold your friends drinks and all of the scrumptious food. Enter: the UpDesk. With the mobility of our desks you have can be moved into your dining room to serve as the beverage 'cart' or maybe the appetizer display. Plus if you have an UpWrite you have built-in entertainment even if the conversation dies down. Just keep your markers handy and your guests can have fun coloring on the 'table.'

Those are just three ways you can incorporate your UpDesk into your life throughout the weekend getting the most bang for your buck. Just think of all the fun things people with regular desks are missing out on!

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