If you're anything like us you are not a morning person. The alarm sounds and you hit snooze at least three times. You drag yourself into the office but aren't fully awake until after 10am and you've had at least two cups of coffee. Your height adjustable desk helps of course but most days the only thing that will really get you moving is strong black coffee safely in a mug and on its way to your nervous system. But did you know that coffee can actually contribute to a lot of things that cause you to lose energy instead of gain it?

Here's the thing about coffee... It may give you a burst of energy for a few hours after you drink it but what happens when that initial jolt wears off? You either crash or reach for another cup. And after you've filled up on coffee during the day you probably won't be able to sleep at night. The cycle of being up all night and tired all day will keep you on the coffee train even when caffeine has lost most of its juice. Not only that - caffeine also affects your mood and memory. Sometimes not even the UpWrite desk from UpDesk can help you remember that important meeting or deadline when coffee causes your mind to go off on a thousand caffeine-induced bunny trails.

As much as we hate to say it it might be time to kick your coffee habit. Think of it like kicking the desk chair habit when you first saw the standing desk light. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but after a while you'll never know why you needed it so badly...and you might actually be able to enjoy a cup of coffee rather than feel like you might die without it. Here are a few tips to break the habit and get even more energy for your busy work days:

1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - Whether you decide to quite cold turkey or wean yourselft off of coffee remember that it may not be pleasant at first. You may experience nervousness headaches and fatigue when you're just starting out... But no one ever said letting go of an addiction would be as easy as the touch-of-a-button height adjustment of our PowerUp stand up desks!

2. Moving On Up - Routine is important... And it's okay to replace caffeine with a healthy alternative. Drinking more water can give you a TON more energy and on those days that you need something fizzy or fruity you could also try a refreshing summer drink. If you need something to chew on check out some of our suggestions for energizing snacks and if you're really in need of something to give you a quick jolt without the nasty crash after caffeine... Well why not showcase your awesome dance skillz or killer workout moves to get your mind - and the rest of the office - moving and grooving.

3. Give A Little Love - Once you've kicked the addiction and don't feel like you need to mainline coffee just to stay functional it's perfectly fine to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee now and again. Grab a small cup while chatting with a friend or cozying up with a good book. Just repeat this mantra to yourself before and after. - "Moderation moderation moderation!"

There you have it. A few simple ways to kick the coffee craze and really live up to the health benefits (and let's face it cool-factor) of your UpDesk standing desk. Got more ideas on how to keep your energy up without caffeine? Let us know at WhatsUp@MyUpDesk.com or in the comments section below!

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