A new study released by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that Americans lose 11-14% of their productivity-potential each day. Whether it's because of talking with a coworker perusing social media or planning for the weekend it's easy to get distracted at work. However research suggests that for each health risk you possess you lose an additional percentage of productivity-potential.

In his bestselling book Eat Move Sleep author Tom Rath noted that productivity-potential isn't just affected by illness. When speaking with Forbes magazine he said "Our culture has spent a lot of time talking about how not to be sick--don't smoke and don't eat junk food. We also talk a lot about how healthy habits prevent disease. But most people don't talk about how healthy habits improve you--your energy your focus your mood and your performance."

When asked the number one health risk facing American workers Rath noted "Sitting is the most underrated health-threat of modern time. Researchers found that sitting more than six hours in a day will greatly increase your risk of an early death. Inactivity is dangerous. In fact some research shows inactivity now kills more people than smoking." Thankfully there's good news for people who spend the majority of their time at a desk.

Alternating between sitting and standing during the course of the day will combat many of the health risks posed by sitting excessively. Investing in a height adjustable desk makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing throughout the course of your work day. We're proud to offer a variety of standing desks from the UpWrite to the PowerUp to the CrankUp. Our stand up desks allow you to remain healthy and active throughout your day.

Want to learn more about the health benefits of a standing desk? Contact us today with any questions you have. We're happy to answer your questions and help you find the desk that is right for you!

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