Have you ever browsed all the standing desks on the UpDesk website? If so you've probably noticed a couple different things. First of all there's a high-tech graphic of a standing desk on the front page and you can click its control panel to move it up or down. Second you probably noticed that we have an incredible selection of standing desk models and sizes (23 combinations but who's counting?). That means that no matter what kind of person you are there's an UpDesk computer desk that's just right for you.

The PopUp:

Are you a flexible forward-thinking person who's ready for just about any situation? If so the UpDesk PopUp would be a great choice for you. It can turn any office desk into a standing desk which is great if you're in a temporary office space but still want the advantages of being able to stand up at your computer desk. It's available in single- and dual-monitor configurations too.

The UpWrite:

Are you a dreamer? Do brilliant ideas pop into your head at random times? If a traditional office desk can't contain your creativity you should probably check out an UpWrite. It's a brilliant hybrid of a dry-erase board and a standing desk. It's great for people who like to doodle to clear their thoughts or for people who like to make sketches to help visualize new concepts.

The SquaredUp:

If you're the type of person who can never have too many new projects in the pipeline you should consider the SquaredUp. It's the standup desk with enough desktop space for all your new projects and its massive ergonomic curve ensures that each of those projects is quickly accessible.

The PowerUp:

Are you the type who likes to use every resource at your disposal to tackle each project? It sounds like you'd appreciate an UpDesk PowerUp. It's got a motor in both legs and that means every time you touch the control panel it applies maximum power to raise your desktop... and your standard.

The CrankUp:

Maybe you're the kind of person who wants to get the job done right without expending any extra resources? Check out the UpDesk CrankUp. It's a standup office desk for people who are on a budget but don't want to compromise quality.

No matter how you approach work there's an UpDesk that's perfect for you and your workflow. So stop by our website and see for yourself!

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